Nominate "Agents of Change", Those Business Leaders Driving Digital Transformation

Before the Internet was public, Herbert Marcuse said, it takes seven change agents to move one other person.  Today, we live in a world where change happens continually, but are we following blindly or driving its transformation? 

It's time to celebrate the people who are truly directing change and using it to improve the communications we rely on every day.

The Agents of Change recognition program was developed to identify the leaders within companies that are helping transform vision and innovation into reality.

Nominate leaders you believe deserve special recognition for their ability to initiate and drive change in the industry. Your nominee could be from a large company, where change is often harder to implement, or from a smaller company or startup where, this particular Agent of Change has taken technological innovation to heart and is creating opportunities that have the potential to change not just a company, but the world, for the better. 

You may nominate a peer, subordinate, business partner or anyone you believe has had significant impact on their company, entire markets, business practices, or the ways products and services are being created, offered, delivered and consumed.

These Agents of Change are defining how business is being transformed and deserve the recognition!

You can name a person within your own company or a peer at another organization. Within the nomination form, your explanation of how your nominee is shaping strategy and opportunity will help determine his or her worthiness to be named a Communications 20/20 Agent of Change. Specific examples of how they have transformed business are critical to cite.

Nomination deadline: Friday, June 2, 2017