About Communications Applications Expo

Communications Applications Expo

Applications drive the world today, whether for consumers or for enterprises. Applications provide the frameworks and capabilities to change the way we work and socialize. The transformation of communications from a stand-alone telephone system to a system integrated into the application world is underway.

Communications Applications Expo is focused on enabling application owners and developers to understand the value, complexity, and options to integrate real time human interaction directly into applications. Integration of applications can be to a cloud platform through CPaaS, to an existing premises communications platform, or through pure IP solutions. Whether that integration uses the traditional telecom services of PSTN voice, or SMS, or uses the full range of IP based capabilities including text, voice, video, and screen/app sharing, Communications Applications Expo is the place to learn and plan the future.

Application owners and developers need to consider how real time can change their app and how it can enable new competitors in a market space. Communications Applications Expo is the ideal forum to fully understand the range of solutions available in the market.

From Open Source to fully managed platforms to APIs in the cloud, Communications Applications Expo is designed to cover the landscape and the options.